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Allow us to introduce ourselves ...

De Tender BVBA was founded in 1984 by Patrick De Tender and his wife Rita Meul. Together they have gathered over 25 years of expertise. In the beginning, the activities were mostly focused on carpentry for individual homes. Thanks to a constact growth in personnel and equipment, De Tender took on larger projects. Hence, the focus of the company was shifted from private homes to the public sector, banks and commercial buildings.

In 1991 De Tender was relocated to a new building, containing a carpentry of 1800 square meters and a showroom of 350 square meters. In 1996, we opened an interior design department and in 1997, a general construction department was added.

We are currently employing 22 people. Our company mainly focuses on East-Flanders and Antwerp, but we have done projects over the whole of Belgium.

Focus on care and quality

From the beginning, we have been striving for quality. Thanks to our devotion, the experience and expertise of our workers we feel confident we can deliver any project, satisfying our customers. Renovation and innovation are our strengths;  we use the newest techniques and equipment.

We always work with extreme care, both for large projects and smaller renovations. The compliments from our satisfied customers stimulate us to continue working in this direction.

Feel free to take a look at our references in order to get an idea about our previous finished projects.